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Bella Vita is taking Kids Fashion to the Next Level: Lola and The Boys

Kids' fashion has come a long way, and now there is a brand that is taking it to the next level. Born in Chicago in 2016, Lola and The Boys is shaking up the kids fashion world with its unique designs that are both comfortable and fashionable. Founded by Irina Ovrutsky, a former model-turned-mom, the pieces created by her company are colorful, playful, and high quality - but still affordable for everyday moms. Let’s take a closer look at how this amazing new kid’s fashion line came to be.


Irina's Inspiration for Lola and The Boys 

Irina found inspiration for her designs from her own experiences as a mom. She realized that many of the designer clothes she had bought for her kids weren't being worn or were being destroyed when they were worn. With this knowledge in mind, Irina sought out to create something fun and high quality that every mom could afford - and she achieved it with Lola and The Boys. 


The Designs of Lola & The Boys 

The designs created by Lola & The Boys are perfect for any young girl who loves having fun with fashion! From Princess Sparkle Dresses to Rainbow Shimmer Dresses, you can see the playful chic in all of their wares. And if you think these dresses are cute - just wait until you see their accessories! They have everything from rain boots adorned with unicorns to hair clips sprinkled with stars - all sure to make your little girl feel like royalty! Plus, with such unique designs your daughter will be one of few on the block who have them!  


Making Quality Affordable 

The best part about this incredible kid’s fashion line? It’s actually affordable! While most designer clothing brands break the bank, Lola & The Boys offers stylish kids clothing at reasonable prices so parents don't have to sacrifice quality or style when shopping for their children.  


With its stylish yet comfortable designs, Lola & The Boys is revolutionizing kids fashion as we know it. Founded by Irina Ovrutsky, this amazing brand combines runway style with mom instincts – resulting in pieces that are playful yet chic enough for any occasion. Plus, since they offer high-quality clothing at an affordable price point – even parents on a budget can get in on the fun! So what are you waiting for? Check out what they have in store today – you won't be disappointed!


Bella Vita Top Picks.”

Princess Sparkle Dress

the Rainbow Shimmer Dress,

 Strawberry Sheer Sleeve dress.  

Find these and many more lola and the boys items styles at Bella Vita!