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Introducing Bella Vita's New Toy Department

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new toy department at Bella Vita in Oakland. Our store expansion offers a unique and creative selection of toys, kid's tents, puzzles, stuffed animals, and more. We have also become the unofficial Oakland Maileg Headquarters! Let’s take a look at what we have to offer for all of your toy needs. 

A Little Bit of Everything 

At Bella Vita, we understand that children need different types of toys to encourage their development and promote creativity. That is why our new toy department offers something for everyone — For example, our puzzles section has something for all ages including wooden puzzles, and brain teasers.  We also offer a great assortment of books to help your little ones on their reading journey.  Our stuffed animal selection features soft and cuddly blabla dolls that can be taken with you on adventures or used as sleep aids.

blabla wooly sheep

Maileg Mice Are Here! 

We are especially proud to now offer a variety of Maileg Mice products in our store! For those unfamiliar with Maileg Mice, they are whimsical characters created by Danish designer Dorthe Mailil. From miniature mice dressed as bakers and farmers to sweetly-named mice like “Little Brother Mouse Maxi” and “Big Sister Mouse Maxi", these characters come alive in the form of plush toys that are perfect for imaginative playtime. Each mouse comes with its own clothing items—from sweaters to glasses—allowing children to express their style through their Mailegs. At Bella Vita, we now have an impressive selection so you can find the perfect Maileg mouse companion for your little one! 

maileg beach mouse

At Bella Vita in Oakland, we believe that every child should experience the joys of imaginative playtime with top-notch toys made from quality materials. With our store expansion into the Toy Department, our Oakland neighbors can now find something special for their kids - whether it be a plush stuffed animal or a tiny baker mouse! Come visit us today to explore our incredible selection - you won't leave empty-handed!  With love from all of us here at Bella Vita.

Check out our toy department: Toys, Crafty Kid, Maileg, Books, Puzzles